Onyx CenterSource Expands Commission Services to Smaller Travel Agencies

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Onyx CenterSource, a company which processes commission payments for hotels and travel agencies, has announced a relaunch and new branding that will see the company expand its services to medium and smaller travel agencies. 

Formerly Onyx Payments company is relaunching under a new name, Onyx CenterSource, to unify its brands and better reflect its breadth of services to the hospitality and travel markets.

With the relaunch, Onyx CenterSource officially retires the names Onyx Payments as well as Net Trans Services and Worldwide Payment Systems, companies it acquired in recent years.

“We’ve transformed over the last few years, first being spun off from Pegasus Solutions in 2013, winning significant new clients as Onyx Payments and more recently acquiring two companies to greatly expand our market coverage to new and existing customers around the globe,” said Onyx CenterSource CEO Mark Dubrow. “As we’ve evolved from primarily issuing commission payments on behalf of hotels to also serving the commission-recovery needs of travel agencies, the descriptor ‘payments’ was no longer fully representative of our suite of offerings.”

Additionally, Dubrow said, Onyx CenterSource is developing new services that complement its core commission payments capabilities but are broader in scope. For example, the company recently introduced InvoicePro for travel agencies, which provides a comprehensive invoicing solution, including the application of valued-added tax, or VAT.

The company also offers PayRoute, which can facilitate the distribution of merchant pre-payments from online travel agencies and brand.com websites as a cost-effective alternative to virtual credit card, he said.

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