Orbitz Reacts to Court Decision

Orbitz Worldwide reacted quickly in response to the recent court ruling on the Travelport injunction against American Airlines which orders American to re-instate full flight schedule on Orbitz.com and Orbitz for Business. Travelport has a major interest in Orbitz.

"The Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County today ruled in favor of Travelport’s request for injunctive relief against American Airlines, which pulled its content from Orbitz.com and Orbitz for Business in late December 2010. Effective immediately, American Airlines full schedule of flights are ordered by the court to be made available on both Orbitz.com and Orbitz for Business,” Orbitz said in a statement.

Orbitz quoted the courts order: “The court should have preserved the status quo and should have ordered American Airlines to refrain from terminating any of the Orbitz agreements until the case was decided on the merits.'”

This reinstatement of American Airlines full schedule of flights on Orbitz.com and Orbitz for Business, Orbitz said, “is a win for transparency, consumer choice and for all of our mutual customers. Orbitz continues to believe that it is in the best interests of both companies to work towards a long term agreement to continue distribution of American Airlines content to our millions of mutual customers."

Orbitz Worldwide owns a portfolio of consumer brands that includes Orbitz (www.orbitz.com), CheapTickets (www.cheaptickets.com), ebookers (www.ebookers.com), HotelClub (www.hotelclub.com), RatesToGo (www.ratestogo.com) and the Away Network (www.away.com) Orbitz for Business (www.orbitzforbusiness.com) delivers managed corporate travel solutions for corporations.


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