Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resort Launch New Website

Agents can now book client vacations for Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resorts directly through the company’s new website. In addition to booking rooms, the site features information about the resorts, special rates, packages, and promotions.

Each agent visiting the site must create a private login and personal profile, which then tracks existing and future reservations. Land only reservations through the site result in direct 12 percent commissions, and a variety of vacation and spa packages can net agents a ten percent commission. Agents can also use more advanced search functions to specify the booking parameters and promotional offers they are looking for on the site.

In addition, a newly launched “Travel Agent Bonus Commission Program” also offers incremental bonus commissions for direct bookings, through a preferred wholesalers, or through GDS, with a possible $1,250 in bonuses for every 10 rooms booked. Agents booking three for four nights at any of the resorts will receive a $50 bonus commission per room, agents booking five or six nights receive $75, and agents booking seven nights or more receive $100.

Agents that book ten rooms within a year also receive an additional $250 bonus. The first 25 rooms booked with any group can be applied to this program, with a maximum of $3,00 for group blocks.