Pegas Solutions Announces Product Upgrades

Technology provider Pegasus Solutions this week announced several upgrades to its products, which mainly concern hotel bookings and transactions, and commission payments. The company's TravelCom service, an automated commission-processing tool that first came online roughly two years ago, is now available to hotels participating in Pegasus' Unirez program; previously, it had only been available through its Utell product. Unirez and Utell are both hotel representation products that provide GDS, booking and, in the case of Utell, marketing services. Company COO Bob Boles says Pegasus handles roughly a half-billion dollars' worth of commissions annually. The company also announced that it is undergoing a complete redesign of its ODD (Online Distribution Database), which provides online hotel content information for various booking engines. Boles says the redesign is being done to provide a more standardized online format; other features will include a multi-language capability and support for streaming audio and video. Finally, the company has launched Peg Store, which provides automated interaction between tour operators and hotels, doing all the room allocations and bookings. According to Boles, this function had previously had to be performed by hand in some way, via e-mail, phone or fax. So far 73 companies (hotels and tour operators combined) have signed up for the service.

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