Report: Top Economical Destinations for 2009

A report by the UK-based newspaper The Herald has listed some less traditional destinations for travel in 2009, citing cost-efficient savings. Although the report is mostly targeted at Europeans, the report still holds significance for any traveler.

Increasingly popular Turkey topped the list, with its coastal beach resorts by the sea and shopping values inland— mainly in Istanbul. Turkey's largest city remains the fastest-growing city for vacations for Europeans. Additional European nations that made the list include Croatia, Bulgaria and Iceland.

Also on the list was South Africa, with the climate, beaches and safari experiences as the most attractive features. Also of note is that the fact that the country's currency, the rand, is 12 percent weaker than it was last year. Other countries of note from the continent of Africa were Kenya and Egypt.

The Dominican Republic made the list, as the majority of its all-inclusive packages for two weeks costs about the same as one week in the majority of other Caribbean destinations. Meanwhile, the handover of power by Fidel Castro in addition to predicted moves by President-elect Obama to lift the U.S. economic embargo on the island boosted Cuba near the top of the list.

Mexico rounded out the list due to is economic value, beaches, culture and adventure opportunities.


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