Results! Travel Leadership Council Meeting Talks Independent Contractors

handshakeResults! Travel recently concluded its 2015 Leadership Council meeting, which was held in Newport Beach, California, in April. This meeting provided an opportunity for the Leadership Council Members to provide input on marketing initiatives being launched, the expansion of the Independent Contractor program and brainstorm promotional and educational ideas. Additionally, they weighed in on workshops being offered at the Results! Travel National Meeting scheduled for September 19-21 in Las Vegas.
“At Results! Travel, we are proud of the work we have been doing helping our Members bring Independent Contractors into the fold,” said Results! Travel Vice President and General Manager John Risner, “but we are looking at ways to expand the relationships ICs have with our Results! Travel host agencies. Our Leadership Council has been instrumental providing input as to how we can best improve the program and add new opportunities so that we are maximizing the experience for all involved.”
Part of the Leadership Council meeting also was spent discussing marketing initiatives. Results! Travel is running a special limited-time promotion that offers prospective new Members an incentive for joining the Results! Travel team: The initial fee of $1,500 and the first annual fee of $300 is currently being waived. Membership terms are for one-year, with automatic renewal. Members are welcome from various sized markets, with an opportunity to one day be invited to serve on the Leadership Council.
The 10-member Results! Travel Leadership Council, which serves as the sounding board for travel agency owners belonging to Results! Travel, provides headquarters with a snapshot of business throughout the country. The Members, who serve two-year terms, with about half rotating off each year, represent a diverse mix of leisure and corporate travel, varying annual sales and different geographic regions. 
Each year, about half of the Leadership Council consists of newly-appointed Members, thus the perspectives and insights remain fresh and engaging. The Results! Travel Leadership Council spent part of April 27 in a stimulating brainstorming session regarding increased outreach to and relationship development with Independent Contractors. Actionable concepts were developed and Members were tasked with collaborative roles to aid implementation of their ideas.