Royal Wedding Sees Booking Shortfall

Despite massive media coverage, the upcoming April 29 Royal Wedding hasn’t translated into bookings according to a poll of 205 Travel Leaders agents.

When asked if they had any clients booking travel to coincide with the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, only 5 percent of Travel Leaders agents who were surveyed indicated that they have booked clients to be in London wishing to be there at the same time as the wedding festivities.

Travel Leaders reported that the overwhelming majority (95 percent) of the agents said that they have no clients seeking to be there at the same time as the nuptials. In fact, 3 percent said that their


-bound clients are specifically booking other dates to avoid the wedding.

Another 1 percent said they worked with their clients to change their travel dates to avoid the wedding. The poll was conducted from April 19-22.