Sabre Now Selling Qantas' Advance Seat Selection

qantasSabre Travel Network, a global travel technology company, is now selling Qantas' Advance Seat Selection ancillary product using industry technology standards developed by ATPCo and IATA.

The electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) standard allows a travel agent to purchase an airline's ancillary products on behalf of travelers in the same way they would purchase a base airfare. Sabre said this helps airlines generate revenue by making their ancillary products broadly available and easy to buy in all channels.

"Sabre has been investing in technology to support airlines' merchandising strategies for many years," said Hans Belle, vice president, Sabre Travel Network, who added that the sale of ancillaries, such as pre-reserved seats, continue to be a valuable revenue stream for airlines and provides travelers with more choices. "The Sabre travel marketplace provides an invaluable platform for airlines to market and sell their products, and for agents to capture buying data for their corporate customers."

Sabre also noted that ancillary sales through the Sabre travel marketplace generates cost savings for both agencies and airlines. By using one platform to sell multiple products, an airline can reduce information technology costs.

Additionally, front-line travel consultants can improve their efficiency and customer service levels by shopping and booking airline ancillaries within the Sabre Red Workspace.

Belle said Qantas' decision to merchandise its ancillaries in Sabre shows the airline's long-term commitment to an open marketplace for air travel, which it believes benefits airlines, agencies, travel managers and travelers, ensuring that travel shopping remains competitive, transparent and easy.

Qantas joins a long list of airlines, among them Air France-KLM, Finnair, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, Brussels Airlines, Aegean, Aeromexico, EL AL, easyJet, Lufthansa and US Airways, that have chosen to offer ancillary services and bundled fares through Sabre's travel marketplace and travel agencies.

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