Sabre Red Receives Upgrades

Sabre-connected agents can benefit from new cruise content and search capabilities, timely information on travel trends and news via its AgentStream community, Sabre Travel Network says, as well as enhanced mobile traveler services, including online flight check-in and flight notifications for 300 airlines. New Sabre Red capabilities will also help leisure travel professionals deliver value and service to their clients, Sabre says.

Enhancements to help agents deliver value include:

*    Agents will receive enhanced search functionality in Sabre Cruises. With the ability to select multiple regions, cruise lines, or even ships in a single search, agents can quickly and efficiently offer customers more travel options specifically suited to their needs.
*    Sabre Cruises is the first GDS cruise tool to give agents integrated access to shop, book, and manage their group space on Royal Caribbean, Azamara Club Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises. Through the Sabre Cruises window in the Sabre Red Workspace, agents can shop and compare group inventory side-by-side with all other promotions and rate codes. Sabre Cruises is the only tool that offers group bookings on all participating cruise lines, Sabre says.
*    New interactive deck plans, cabin details, and itinerary maps in Sabre Cruises will make it easier for agents to match the specific cruise products with particular travelers.
*    AgentStream is now home to Tnooz editorial content. More than 3,100 members in the  community can network and stay on top of the latest industry news with a single stop online.
*    Sabre Virtually There, used by more than 48,000 travel agents each year, brings a variety of new services that agents can make available to their customers. Now, travelers can check-in online with more than 50 airlines, track flights, flight delays and access detailed airport information, and enjoy the significantly enhanced ability to access real-time flight status notifications, now covering 300 airlines globally. Sabre Virtually There enables agents to provide travelers with important trip updates any time, all branded under the agency’s name, Sabre says.

“In this world of ever increasing expectations, the ability to provide great value and great service to customers is what sets a travel agency apart from its competitors – including other travel agencies and alternative travel booking options,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president for marketing for Sabre Travel Network.


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