SeaMaster Cruises Outlines Steps to Success

A centerpiece of the training during this week’s SeaMaster Cruises franchise conference has been the SeaMaster Sales Process, presented by SeaMaster Cruises General Manager Mark Schiffner. The focus is on teaching and improving each franchise owner’s sales system. The meetings are being held aboard Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas. Attendees are participating in a minimum of 50 hours of formal classroom or workshop-style training, networking sessions and onsite destination exploration.

Schiffner’s briefings review five specific steps involved in the sales process, from initial contact to following up. “We reviewed our sales process because we want to ensure that each franchise owner continues to provide the finest buying experience possible to their clients, while also presenting them with the best information, pricing and overall value,” said Schiffner.

“The SeaMaster Sales Process absolutely reaffirms the necessity of follow-up after the sale,” said Teresa Knox, a SeaMaster Cruises franchise owner from Ocoee, FL. “I always have it on my calendar to follow up after their cruise, and sometimes my clients even beat me to it and call me. The reason is that, because of the sales process, I have already established such a firm relationship with them.”

“Because more than half our network’s business is built on affinity groups, it is essential that each franchise owner learns the most minute details about each cruise line’s policies on group space,” said Schiffner. “Beyond our advanced workshops, having a full week to put our franchise owners face-to-face with key suppliers is an excellent way for them to continue building even better relationships and finding out how they can make the most out of each sale.”

Greg Hrabec, a franchise owner from Cary, NC, reiterated the importance of meeting personally with SeaMaster Cruises’ exclusive partners. “I learned that they are as interested in helping us as we are in helping building their brand,” said Hrabec.

SeaMaster Cruises, a home-based, cruise-only franchise organization, is part of The Travel Franchise Group, LLC, which is a subsidiary of Travel Acquisitions Group.


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