Signature Reports Strong Sales Gains

michelle morganAdvance sales for Signature Travel Network's members are up 20 to 40 percent over the same time last year, Michelle Morgan, president and CEO of Signature reports from Signature's annual Owners' Meeting at La Costa Hotel and Resort in Carlsbad, California.  Morgan said that more than 85 percent of members are attending."We're hearing that business is good, and members are optimistic."

Morgan, a respected industry veteran, also announced four key initiatives for 2013:
1. Adopting Signature's new proprietary technology tools.
2. Partnering with preferred suppliers to grow already strong preferred sales.
3. Building a robust email-marketing list with higher percentages of permission.
4. Ensuring front line consultants provide rich information on clients' travel preferences and selections by utilizing Res Cards.

In 2013, Signature said it will analyze each members performance in these four categories, establishing benchmarks for each initiative.

Signature members will get detailed information on their company's position vis a vis the entire membership. Signature will also create specific training programs to aid members and their front line sales people to achieve the benchmarks.

Regular monitoring and reporting will be part of the new approach, Signature said. "Bright Spots" (members who have perfected "best practices" for each area) will be studied and their methodologies and internal practices will be highlighted and incorporated into Signature's training.

"We ask our members to treat their clients as individuals – this new communications and training program will ensure Signature is meeting the individual needs of its members – aiding them to meet their specific business objectives," Morgan said.

Signature Travel Network is a member-owned, travel cooperative including 214 member agencies with 414 retail locations throughout U.S. and Canada. Collectively, Signature estimates members generate over $5 billion in annual travel sales.