On Site at MLTU: MLT Vacations Launches Comprehensive Marketing Hub

MLT Vacations has invested a sizable sum to provide agents online marketing assets to assist with generating leads and closing sales.

As part of this year's MLTUniversity, held in Minneapolis, MLT Vacations announced the launch of its Marketing Hub, an online center for generating social media content, logo customization, sales training materials, digital banners and more.

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The hub will be online sometime in the next 30 days. Agents can access the hub through booking site WorldAgent Direct. Click Marketing Materials, which will bring you directly to the hub. The initial assets will include flyers, web banners, training videos, e-postcards, social media and e-brochures. The material can be applied to MLT Vacations, Delta Vacations and Aeromexico Vacations.

Travel Agent sat through a walk-through of how the system works. For example, to create a flyer, enter the hub and click the Flyer icon. This brings up a catalog of available flyers, including everything from Disney and Las Vegas to Destination Weddings and Luxury Travel. Agents can hit the customization button to entire their name and call to action. They can get then generate a preview of what a sample flyer will look like. Web banners work similarly.

E-brochures are not customizable, but they are effective in terms of distribution and generating leads. Agents download the brochure and click the "Share" icon. They can then paste a link into an e-mail to blast it out to their clients, or share it on their social media pages.

There is also a social media module in the hub. At first the hub will host just Facebook and Twitter content, but will expand to other platforms as the popularity grows. There is a catalog of banners that are already optimized for Facebook settings. Banners include Caribbean, Destination Weddings, Europe, etc. Agents can customize the banners and input their calls to action and post directly to their social media pages.

Future assets of the hub will include an e-mail tool, raw creative tools, print media templates, radio ad scripts, campaign assets, sales support and presentation templates.

Visit www.mltvacations.com.