On Site: Vacation.com Unveils Commission on Air Tickets

LAS VEGAS-- Travel Agent is on location in Las Vegas this week attending Vacation.com's 13th International Conference & Trade Show.

The event kicked off last night, June 19, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino with a general session and welcome reception. Vacation.com's new President John Lovell and Chief Marketing Officer Stephen McGillivray wasted no time in unveiling good news for agents.

First, and most exciting, Vacation.com announced its new AirPro program, a brand new program designed to give agents upfront commissions on airline tickets from dozens of carriers. (The news, unsurprisingly, was received with nothing short of unanimous applause from the approximately 1,000 agents and suppliers in attendance.)

Some of the airlines participating in the AirPro program are Delta, US Airways, United, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, SWISS International and more.

The program is divided into three sections. The first, AirPro is designated for non-ARC accredited agents. It includes 49 airlines, commissions up to 11 percent and a one-time fee of $199.

AirPro Direct is designated for ARC-accredited agents. It offers 33 airlines, with more to come, a one-time fee of $199 and up to 11 percent commission.

Finally, AirPro Excel is devoted to ARC-accredited agents with $1 million or more in sales. This is a customized commission porgram based on an agent's personal business mixture. Agents are able to book through their own GDS and there is a $300 one-time fee.

The second piece of news unveiled is In Sites, a new way for agents to showcase their expertise on their own agency's consumer sites. In Sites is a series of mircrosites that demonstrates agents' specialties and can be put directly onto a company's personal website. Some of the microsites include Europe Cruises, Europe Land Tours, Luxury, Exotic Destinations, Alaska and Caribbean.

Vacation.com will work directly with agents to link these microsites to their professional sites. A fee of $129 per year entitles agents to up to six microsites. To register visit insiteinfo.com.

Stay tuned to TravelAgentCentral.com for more updates from Vacation.com.

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