Small Businesses' Increased Web Traffic Reveals Flaws

Neustar, Inc.A survey of 300 IT workers at midmarket organizations revealed that small businesses (SMBs) around the country are unprepared for increased traffic to their websites. The survey, conducted online in March and April of 2011 by Neustar, Inc., a provider of directory and Internet infrastructure solutions, found that a majority said as growth increases, its infrastructure falters.

In partnership with Decipher, Neustar discovered that SMBs' hesitance to upgrade in the interest of saving costs. Of the IT professionals surveyed, 30 percent said they were interested in "very free or low-cost service" available, compared to the 12 percent interested in an "optimal" solution regardless of cost, and almost half who said they recommended a "best option" to management but then settled for a compromise.

Currently, 73 percent reported companies' infrastructures' inability to manage a 200 percent spike in online traffic without changing its website. In the event of a 300 percent increase, the percentage increased to 93 percent. Both large and small businesses use DNS (domain name system) management to put themselves out into the Internet stratosphere. Of the SMBs surveyed, 38 percent said they use the DNS service provided by their ISP, while 24 percent are dependent on a "do-it-yourself" setup, and 16 percent use a free, hosted option.

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