South Africa to Host ASTA's 2009 Destination Expo

ASTA will hold its 2009 International Destination Expo (IDE) in South Africa. South African Tourism, South African Airways and the Dragonfly travel management company are the main sponsors of the event, to be held March 8-12, 2009, at the Sun City resort.

"Every year we choose a new and notable destination to host IDE," said Cheryl Hudak, president and CEO of ASTA. "It was only fitting that we choose to highlight a country as vastly experiential and dynamic as South Africa in 2009, just one year away from the FIFA World Cup in 2010. All eyes are on South Africa now, and we think our members will be excited to learn more about selling this exciting destination."

More than 1,000 agents are expected at the South Africa expo. The annual IDE features educational workshops and tours centered on the host destination and surrounding regions, product seminars and a trade show, among other events. Next year's IDE takes place in Lyon, France, from April 12 to 16. (AO)