Stat: 18 Percent of Millennials Rely on Travel Agent Advice

When it comes to picking their next travel destination, few sources of information beat word of mouth for Millennial travelers, according to a survey from Topdeck Travel, a provider of group travel for 18-30 somethings. 76 percent of respondents picked "Recommendations from friends" when asked how they choose their next travel destination, as compared to 43 percent going by whatever is on sale, 36 percent turning to social media and 18 percent relying on travel agent advice. 


When it comes to booking, 71 percent of Millennial respondents preferred a DIY approach. 21 percent use a travel agent, while 8 percent rely on friends or family. 

The Topdeck Travel study surveyed 31,000 people under 39 from 134 different countries. 

Source: Topdeck Travel