Stat: 67 Percent of Travelers Seek Simplicity

By 2030, shifts in social, economic, and technology trends will mean the world is a very different place to that of today, according to the new "Future Traveller Tribes 2030: understanding tomorrow's traveller" report by Amadeus. Written by global consumer trends consultancy, The Future Foundation, the rising importance of social capital, authentic and unique experiences and a desire for wellness and relaxation will surpass demographic and traditional segmentation as they key drivers of traveller motivation.

This report, encourages the travel industry to think differently about their customers and highlights the need for a much greater focus on traveler’s values and beliefs, in order to provide a better and rewarding customer experience. With findings based on interviews with leading futurologists, travel industry experts and travelers from across the world, the report defines the six ‘traveler tribes’ or segments that will emerge by the end of the next decade.

In the U.S., Amadeus polled 800 consumers who traveled at least twice in the past year to learn more about what drives them to travel and how they most closely identify with the traveler tribes. The poll found that the majority (67%) of U.S. travelers aligned most closely with Simplicity Searchers, seeking ease and transparency in their travel planning. Other interesting survey findings include:

- 45.4 percent of respondents agreed the best part of their most recent trip was the chance to unwind from feeling overworked.
- 42.7 percent of the respondents said their in-flight guilty pleasure was to flip the “off switch”.
- When asked about the future of travel, 38 percent are most excited about mapping technology to facilitate a hassle-free trip.


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