Stat: More Than 40 Percent of Americans Leave a Week's Worth of Vacation Unused

Diamond Resorts International, which is made up of 300 destination resorts, has launched a new campaign that encourages Americans to take vacations. Diamond conducted research and used a Nielsen study to determine that more than 40 percent of Americans have a week’s worth of unused vacation days by the end of the year.

Vacation Days

The new campaign aims to educate workers and employers about the importance of taking regular vacations, which can fight off unhappiness and low productivity.

The campaign, Stay Vacationed, aims to help people think about vacations differently.

"The excitement we feel during the planning stages of a vacation, and the anticipation experienced while looking forward to the time away can be just as important mentally and physically as the actual vacation," said Dr. Leigh Vinocur, an expert in the benefits of taking time off.  "Consider it a mental getaway, if you will.  The vacation, of course, is beneficial in many ways. Being unplugged, spending time with family, friends or just by yourself does wonders for the soul." 

Stay Vacationed encourages people to talk about and share vacation experiences to help keep the vacation “feeling” alive, even after it’s over.

The new campaign will begin to roll out over the coming year, and in the spring Diamond Resorts is planning a national summit to keep the conversation about the importance of vacations going.