Study - OTAs Ineffective at Marketing to Women

One-third of women shop for travel at least twice a year, and 80 percent of them make purchases online, but when it comes to travel brands, only 12 percent of women say Priceline markets its products and services effectively to them, and only 9 percent believes Orbitz does.

These are conclusions from the marketing research consultancy Insights in Marketing’s (IIM) i-on-Women Division, who recently conducted a study among 1,200 women and 200 men to find out more about how women approach their travel decisions.

Other key findings included:

Only 23 percent of women are extremely satisfied with the products/services in the travel category; yet, a women's influence on the household is strong, with 97 percent having complete or some influence on the purchase decision of travel

When shopping for travel, top things women consider are: Price (48%), meets a specific need (31%), promotion (29%) and quality (28%)

While hotels have taken notice, brands haven’t, the study reports. Based on scrubbing the results, IIM uncovered five distinct profiles of women brands can use to better understand how women approach their travel decisions.

For example, profile 1, which accounts for 26 percent of all women, is all about image. This type of woman is likely to seek premium offerings and plush brands.

Brands must project the right image and luxury and their reservation system must be simple, straightforward and fast, the study says.


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