Sun Country Air and Travelport Partner

mexicoTravelport and Sun Country Airlines, a Minnesota-based airline that serves domestic hubs and international destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, report a new agreement that will see Sun Country use Travelport’s Rich Content and Branding when it goes live in Travelport’s Smartpoint agency desktops in the coming months. 

The Travelport Merchandising Platform allows airlines to customize how their flights and ancillaries are visually presented and described on travel agency screens, bringing them more in line with the airline’s own website experience.  

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Eric Curry, vice president, sales and customer experience, Sun Country, said, “By enabling Sun Country to create a more personalized presence on travel agency screens, this solution will allow us to seamlessly incorporate product descriptions, images, and branding information into the standard agency work flow of Travelport’s point-of-sale, Smartpoint."

Since launching in 2011, Travelport Smartpoint has been adopted by more than 110,000 travel agents worldwide, Travelport says.