Survey Sees Fall Travel Emerge and Spending Rise

Venice, ItalyIn a survey conducted by Ruf Strategic Solutions on behalf of Travel Guard North America,  fall travel is on the rise among married couples in the 55+ demographic. Motivated by the decrease of crowds, vacationers in the fall can enjoy activities outdoors, including camping and hiking (45 percent), followed by traveling to stimulate their culinary senses (27 percent).

Among favorite fall destinations are Europe (26 percent), and New York State and New England (20 percent), from which to see the leaves changing. Spending is also increasing, as more than 20 percent of respondents reported $5,000 in travel. Seventy-one percent within that group budget for trip coverage with travel insurance.

"As America's baby boomers continue to come of age, the fall travel season is becoming a more popular vacation period," said Dan McGinnity, Travel Guard North America vice president.