Taradel Launches Direct Mail Service for Small Businesses

Taradel LLCVirginia-based printing and mailing company Taradel LLC has announced an online service to help small businesses (SMBs) conduct direct saturation mail campaigns throughout the U.S. Through the company's printing house, users can target specific U.S. Postal Service Carrier routes or zip codes in their neighborhoods to direct their product.

On the company's website, an SMB can type in its business address and zip code into the U-Select website, which will display an interactive map of areas nearby. Using the site's "point and click," SMBs can handpick target areas, to get a count of households and businesses within the area, after which, through Taradel’s graphic design, printing and mailing business, users can select a direct mail product.


For more information, visit www.taradel.com.

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