Top Destinations for U.S., Canada Travelers

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As travel search site Skyscanner reveals the top 50 most searched for destinations from Canada and United States airports, it seems jet-setters from both North American neighbors remain enamored with the big hitters of Europe and the U.S. as London, New York City, Paris and Dublin all placed in the top seven spots for each, with London unanimously at number one.

With two monumental world events in the same year - the 2010 Winter Olympics in February and the World Cup in June – Vancouver and Johannesburg (South Africa) have turned up on both lists, with Canada’s also including Cape Town.

Travelers from both countries are also interested in Poland, though Canadians prefer the current capital, Warsaw, while Americans want to see the former capital, Krakow.

Canadians seem to be especially keen on checking out the Far East this year, with numerous destinations in that region of the world sprinkling their results. Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, Bangkok and Tokyo, as well as several Australian locations, were popular.

Americans continue to be intent on getting some Caribbean sun, with even Havana sneaking into the 49th place on the U.S. chart. It seems that American tourists are eagerly waiting for the island to open up again, and the sooner the better, especially with many growing tired of the extreme winter temps by now. Canadians are clearly enjoying the island already, with the Cuban cultural center showing up in the 27th position for them.

Top 10 Most Searched for Destinations for 2010, U.S.

1. London
2. New York City
3. Las Vegas
4. Paris
5. Dublin
6. Los Angeles
7. Orlando
8. Rome
9. Madrid
10. Miami

Top 10 Most Searched for Destinations for 2010, Canada

1. London, UK
2. Paris
3. New York City
4. Bangkok
5. Vancouver
6. Sydney
7. Dublin
8. Manchester, UK
9. Frankfurt
10. Amsterdam

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