Tourism Cares, Luxury Travel Advisor Offer Professional Development Internship

In 2010, Tourism Cares will award nine Tourism Cares-Luxury Travel Advisor Professional Development Internships, each in the amount of $1,00, to applicants seeking to work as interns at U.S. luxury travel agencies.

The applicant must be a permanent U. S. resident. The intern will work for an eight-week period during summer 2010 (with specific dates and hours, during regular business hours, to be arranged between each recipient and the travel agency). The internship award may be used to support the internship and related-expenses only.

The first half the internship award in the amount of $450 will be distributed directly to each recipient at the start of the internship, and the second half of the internship award in the amount of $450 will be distributed at the end of the internship period. The intern's duties will include assisting with tasks that allow the intern to learn the core business practices of being a luxury travel agent, such as travel research and itinerary building, etc. It will also include the basic best practices of working
with travel suppliers and clients. The emphasis of this internship is for the intern to gain practical
experience in the occupation of a professional luxury travel agent.

The intern must submit a report about the internship experience at the end of the period worked. The internship was established by Luxury Travel Advisor to help provide an inspiring path for the next generation of luxury travel advisors. It is their hope that once the recipients of this internship are introduced to the dynamic world of luxury travel consulting, they will forge ahead with a career that will lead them to becoming some of tomorrow’s luxury travel advisor superstars.

The applicant:

*    Must be a permanent resident of the United States. 
*    May not be a member of, or have family who are members of, the Tourism Cares - Luxury Travel
Advisor Professional Development Internship Selection Committee. 
*    May not be a relative of any employee of the specific branch office of the luxury travel agency
where the intern will be working.
*    Must have received the approval of the U. S. luxury travel agency where he/she seeks to intern.
To apply, please download our PDF to fill out all of the following required items and e-mail
as separate attachments to the Tourism Cares Scholarship Department at [email protected] before 5 p.m. EST Monday, May 17. Please be sure to
include “(your last name) and Luxury Travel Advisor Prof Dev Internship” in the subject line of the
e-mail and each file name:
*    Completed and signed 2010 Tourism Cares - Luxury Travel Advisor Professional Development
Internship application scanned to PDF, which includes the approval of the application by the
luxury travel agency manager/owner.
*    Legible copy of U. S. driver’s license or passport as proof of permanent residency scanned to
*    Résumé scanned to PDF.
*    Personal letter of reference, hand signed and dated by the recommender, scanned to PDF.
*    Letter of recommendation from the manager/owner of the U. S. luxury travel agency where the
applicant seeks to intern, on official company letterhead hand signed and scanned to PDF.
*    A one-page original essay, which must be signed to verify the work is the applicant’s original,
word-processed in 12-point font size, double-spaced with one-inch margins, and scanned to PDF.

Please answer the following questions: 

*    What got you interested in working at a luxury travel agency?
*    Why do you think you deserve to receive this internship award?
*    What do you intend to get out of this experience, and how does that relate to your career goals in the travel industry?

The recipient will be asked to submit a one-page report about the internship experience at the end
of the period worked. (Note: There is no specific format for this report and any expenses of
the recipient in excess of the amount of the internship must be borne by the recipient.)
Final selection will be made early June 2010. No phone calls, please.

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