TPI Partners Offers Free Training With brandUcoaching

Travel Planners International has announced a new partnership with brandUcoaching to offer their independent  contractors six  free business building workshops and one free 30-minute one-on-one Personal Coaching Session with Cory. Cory Andrichuk, award-winning, former cruise line  Business Development Manager and Home Based Channel Manager has  launched his own business coaching service, brandUcoaching Inc.,  focusing on the travel entrepreneur.
“Travel Planners International’s partnership with  brandUcoaching is a perfect fit. While TPI provides a wide range of  business development opportunities for our agents, it is sometimes  challenging to help them take their development to the next level,”  said Tony Gagliano, Jr., vice president of Travel Planners  International.

“Cory Andrichuk’s experience in business development  and his passion for helping others will provide this next level of  business development. Because relationships and networking are so  important in business, especially for a professional travel agent,  TPI is providing a special incentive for those agents who  participate in the entire program. Every agent that attends all 6  live webinars and the 1-to-1 personal coaching session will receive  a complimentary Entrepreneur Logo Design package from TPI’s design  team.”

 As  a business coach, Cory provides innovative, experienced and  practical support to help business owners achieve productive results  in their travel business, TPI says.   “If you are looking for more sales, a creative marketing  strategy, a specialized niche and/or advice to develop, grow and  support your “brand”... then business coaching is for you!” said  Andrichuk, president of brandUcoaching Inc. 
The workshops are intended to help agents plan, strategize,  implement and grow not only their business but their personal  development as well. The 60-minute workshops are presented every two  weeks at 7:30 p.m. EST via webinar and include an interactive  e-playbook. In addition to the live webinars, each participant will  receive -1- 30-minute 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Session with Cory via  the telephone. The  first webinar was held on January 28, 2010.

“I am honored to partner my highly-specialized business  coaching services with the Gagliano family and their members across  North America. Travel Planners International has always been very  innovative in the market place, and I feel that by combining our  credible services together, we create a dynamic business resource  for their members to learn, grow and ultimately profit from,” said Andrichuk.