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Jennifer Fernandez
Jennifer Fernandez

In any business, there are many factors that go into building success. And when you do succeed, you can’t stop there because the landscape is continually changing. This especially holds true for travel advisors. Regardless of where you are in your career, it’s important to constantly grow, tweak and network. Luxury Travel Exchange International (LTX) is here to help.

This year’s LTX will be held at the beautiful Venetian Resort Las Vegas from September 10-12 (yes, a brand-new time frame, which we are very excited about). Now, keep in mind that just as it was for you, 2012 was all about growing, tweaking and networking for LTX, and the good news is that all of our initiatives proved to be successful.

Based on current applications, the event maintains its role as a trusted source for today’s luxury travel professionals at every career level. Highest on the ratings card is the conference program. This doesn’t necessarily surprise me—after all, the event is powered by our sponsoring publications, Travel Agent magazine and Luxury Travel Advisor, our own trusted Advisory Board, and is supported by many of the industry’s brightest stars. It’s safe to say that we have a good grasp on what you’re dealing with on a daily basis.

But, we are tweaking again to give you the most productive experience. Last year, educational tracks were geared for owners and managers; front-line advisors; and independent contractors. We have realized, however, that travel advisors are entrepreneurial and in that spirit, you’re wearing a lot of hats. With that, I am happy to unveil our new (tweaked) tracks:

Sales and marketing: The lifeline to any business is to put a strong sales and marketing strategy in place. What was tried and true five years ago may not be as effective now. Whether upselling, qualifying your clients or working more effectively with supplier partners, this track will make you money.

The Service Experience: Particularly for luxury travel advisors, the value of service you offer to your clients is critical (you are, after all, part of that experience). How do you differentiate yourself? What is your “flair” in maintaining and growing your luxury business in a world fueled by technology? Expect innovation from this track.

Professional Development: Are you the same agent today that you were two years ago? Are you looking for your niche? Or do you simply need a refresher? This track (one of my favorites) will offer great insight on being the best of the best with top-line presentations.

Similar to last year, each of these tracks will offer programming relevant to your career level, so you not only walk away with great strategies, but also with a network of like-minded peers from across North America. Bonus: You wouldn’t want to miss our “Social Hour” that explores key ways to grow your business through social media.

To view the full program (including our destination- and product-focused tracks and general session) and apply for participation, visit our web site at

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