TRAMS Launches Client Survey E-Mail Tool

Utilizing the latest e-commerce technologies and creative marketing concepts, ClientBase Marketing Services (CBMS) is launching its much anticipated Client E-Survey tool at the Technology & Marketing University (TMU) Conference now underway in Las Vegas.

Client E-Survey is a powerful tool that will collect and electronically record a client's travel preferences within the client's profile of ClientBase. The 465 agents and suppliers attending TMU 2009 attendees had the first opportunity to preview and use the new Client E-Survey tool.

TRAMS also said it will cover the sending costs for all CBMS participants through the end of the year.

Sharon Meyer, COO of TRAMS, Inc., said that to be successful, an agent must get to know their clients and what matters to them. Are they looking for adventure, relaxation, family, or romantic getaways? “Capturing this data can sometimes however, be an afterthought to the sales process," Meyer said. "Even the best data collectors could use some help in making the process even more effective and efficient.”

Client E-Survey enables ClientBase Marketing Services to send a survey of travel preferences to clients on the agencies' behalf. The client survey is delivered as an e-mail with the agency's logo and link to the agency's customized marketing questionnaire. The clients can quickly and easily add or update travel preferences on the survey and submit the e-mail. The responses are then electronically recorded as marketing codes within that client's profile of the agency's ClientBase. No action is required by the agent to record marketing codes- it's that simple.

Additional Benefits include:
*    View response rates. Client E-Survey integrates with ClientBase mailer activity records to allow agents to track which clients have opened their e-mail survey and submitted responses.
*    Suppliers value the data. Suppliers' promotions are sent with the most up-to-date client profile data.
*    Stay current with clients. This allows clients to periodically update their preferences as their interests and life cycle changes.
*    Increase agents' reach in marketing opportunities. Client E-Survey will increase the number of marketing codes in an agency's ClientBase database giving the agency a broader reach of profiles to segment and target market.

TRAMS believes that understanding and retaining clients has just become easier with Client E-Survey. TRAMS currently serves 11,000 agency subscribers and 45,000 agents.


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