TravCom Offers Data Management and Commission Recovery

TravCom has staked a claim to be the first travel management accounting company to provide a direct system interface for eCommission Solutions’ ECS Kalypso. The interface offers fully integrated commission consolidation, segment capture, tracking, dunning, recovery and reporting programs. Some customers using ECS Kalypso report increases of more than 40 percent for commission recovery, TravCom says.

The detailed data analysis on bookings also dramatically strengthens the travel agency positions for future negotiations with vendors while enhancing the data integrity of their travel management reports, TravCom says. For example, Tzell Travel Group, a top-10 corporate travel company headquartered in New York, incorporated the tool two years ago.

"It's done a fantastic job on hotel commission reconciliation and recovery. We are extremely satisfied," said Willie Lynch, Tzell Travel Group's CFO. "Our agents don't have to go through all these unclaimed reports anymore to identify which bookings belong to them. Before employing the ECS tool, we had a 45 percent match on bookings to agents. With ECS, that number reached just over 80 plus percent.”

“Integrating ECS Kalypso with our existing suite of travel management and reporting tools gives our customers a distinct advantage in managing their business and improving their profitability,” said Jack Revel, CEO of TravCom.  “A particularly valuable component is Kalypso’s mid-office ‘Snap Shot’ that captures nightly all of the reservations, changes and cancellations made on the global distribution systems. This will provide TravCom users more complete data for business planning.”

ECS Kalypso’s proprietary software will be integrated with the TravCom CS back office accounting and management system to capture automatically booked and manually booked hotels, cars and other non-ARC segments. Effectively capturing the data enables travel management companies to boost their commission recoveries, reduce retrieval time and enhances data integrity. The addition of the Kalypso software will complement the more than 60 reports and features already built into the TravCom CS system.

“We think this will be a great combination for TravCom, their clients and ECS,” said Paul Hoffmann, president and CEO of eCommission Solutions.  “These days commission recovery is not a luxury, it is a necessity that every booked segment be tracked and the commissions paid.  Our program provides extra revenues that go straight to the bottom line.”


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