Travel Agents Speak Out on “Home-Based” Designation

Home-based agent? Travel agent working from home? Independent travel agent? Or how about, simply, travel agent? We asked agents on TravelAgentCentral and AgentNation how they felt about the term “home-based agent” and whether agents working from home needed any special designation at all. Here’s just a sampling of responses:

“This is my second career and after having worked in other industries, I'm taken aback by this terminology,” says Kristy Redmon. “I don't think the term sounds professional at all. Frankly, I'm surprised more agents aren't bothered by it. We are professionals, we are specialists, and where we work from isn't of consequence. I would like to see the industry leaders take a stand and choose a more appropriate title.”

“I am an independent agent that works from my home,” says Yvette Mullins. “I do not feel that there is a difference between a storefront agent and a home-based agent. I feel that I give my clients the same service and dedication no matter where I work. I do not feel that the industry should be segmented to represent the home-based vs. the storefront agent because we are all doing the same thing and trying to excel in the same field.”
Peter Stilphen writes, “The words ‘home-based agent’ are really out of date. They are independent travel agents whether they work as an outside agent for a brick-and-mortar, work from their homes or out of the trunk of their car. The difference is really about having the training and education to call themselves travel agent professionals.

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