Travel and Transport, Ultramar Remain in RADIUS

Travel and Transport and Ultramar Travel Management report that after a thorough review and analysis of all global options, the companies have chosen RADIUS as their global solution. Travel and Transport remains one of the three major owners of RADIUS, and is the largest US owner and member by size. Travel and Transport’s President and CEO, Bill Tech, will remain on the RADIUS Board of Directors where he has served for 15 consecutive years.

In October of 2012, Travel and Transport acquired Ultramar Travel Management, headquartered in Manhattan, New York. At the time of the acquisition, the companies announced that they would analyze their combined global strategy. That analysis included Travel and Transport’s affiliation with RADIUS and Ultramar’s affiliation with GlobalStar Travel Management

The analysis also evaluated the option of the two companies forming their own global network. “It is always prudent to consider all of your options, especially when you want to provide the very best global travel management services to your clients. We are a founding member of RADIUS and have helped drive many of the solutions offered by RADIUS today. We are looking forward to the continued growth and added benefit RADIUS will provide to Ultramar,” Tech said.

The decision to work with RADIUS was not one made in haste but rather one where many key factors were taken into consideration that would positively affect each company’s clients. Peter Klebanow, president and CEO of Ultramar Travel Management said, “GlobalStar has provided a great global solution for our clients for more than 13 years and is really top rate, however, after taking into consideration Travel and Transport’s ownership stake in RADIUS and the subsequent analysis of our global solutions options."

As recently confirmed by Steve Hartwell, president GlobalStar, “Ultramar Travel Management and its clients will continue to be served by their existing GlobalStar partners under existing agreements for as long as those clients so choose. For Ultramar’s existing clients it is really 'business as usual.'”

Moving forward, any new global business signed by Travel and Transport or Ultramar Travel Management (effective October 1st) will be serviced by the RADIUS network locations.

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