Travel Impressions Introduces Mobile-Friendly Digital Documents

smartphoneTravel Impressions reports the introduction of its mobile-friendly Electronic Travel Documents (eDocs) system and Voucher-Free Travel program.

Launched last week, eDocs empowers agents and their customers with the flexibility of choosing mobile-friendly digital documentation while still providing the option for printed travel booklets.

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Introduced in conjunction with eDocs, Travel Impressions’ new Voucher-Free Travel program eliminates of misplaced vouchers as clients can produce their paperwork on demand.

“eDocs and Voucher-Free Travel are more than just an environmentally friendly alternative to printed documents, they are tools which place everything clients need right at their fingertips,” said Tim Mullen, president and CEO of Travel Impressions.

Agents with clients who prefer the traditional printed materials will still have that option with no cost, Mullen said, but noted, “eDocs will more efficiently meet the needs of the tech-savvy traveler.”