Travel Institute Launches New Program

The Travel Institute reports the launch of a new Professional Educators’ Program (PEP) that will bring together many of the brightest minds in the travel industry to deliver training on the latest trends and best practices.

Successful applicants to the new Professional Educators’ Program will be contributing blogs, white papers, podcasts, e-books, interviews and webinars which in turn will be delivered on a regular basis to Travel Institute members.

“We have always been fortunate to have friends of The Travel Institute contributing their time and expertise to educate our members. The Professional Educators’ Program is an attempt to formalize this process and expand our reach. We also now have the technology in place to deliver training through a variety of media that we weren’t able to in the past,” says Patty Noonan, director of sales for The Travel Institute. 

The Professional Educators’ Program is the latest in a series of new initiatives The Travel Institute has taken this year. The goal, the Institute says, is to fulfill their mission to be ultimate Education Destination where travel professionals at all career stages can find the very latest knowledge and insight to ensure their success.

Earlier this year The Travel Institute created a new and improved website and launched Communiversity, an online “campus” containing more than 600 courses on business skills, the Institute says.

Educators or trainers interested in applying to the program can visit