Travel Institute Ramps Up September Training

travel agentThe Travel Institute reports it is expanding its September training program. The program includes eight webinars and a fully updated destination specialist course (Caribbean), a CTA Online Study Group and a Restart program.

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The line-up of September training includes:

Destination Specialist (DS) Caribbean – First offered in the late 1980s, this course is one of the oldest and most popular of The Travel Institute’s curriculums. Students can choose from an ebook ($49) or print version ($79, plus shipping), both of which are organized by region (i.e., Eastern Caribbean-The Leeward Islands) and cover such topics as natural features, climate and seasons, what’s special, celebrations and special events, and food and drink. Study materials are also provided to help students prepare for the certification exam.

CTA Online Study Group – Facilitated by Mark McMullen, this interactive series ($99) of nine one-hour sessions covers the CTA core modules, plus test prep and final exam review. Attendees receive McMullen’s slides in advance of each session to use for review and note-taking. Each session is also recorded and archived for students’ convenience and review purposes. Restart – The Restart program is designed for those individuals who have taken a break from their certification studies beyond the allotted year’s time. Restart provides them with the most current set of study materials and a new year to complete their CTA ($150 for ebook/PDFs; $250 for traditional books), CTC ($199), or CTIE ($199).

Webinars – September lineup:

  • 9-4, 1 p.m. EDT – “Paris – An Afro-Centric Perspective” with Monique Wells; free for members; non-member rate: $19.99
  • 9-9, 11 a.m. EDT – “Discover How to Use Instagram for Your Travel Business” with Denise Vogel; free for members; non-member rate: $19.99
  • 9-9, 2 p.m. EDT – “Membership with The Travel Institute – What’s In It For Me?” with Patty Noonan; free for everyone
  • 9-11, 1 p.m. EDT – “Looking to Start Your Travel Career?” with Patty Noonan; free for everyone
  • 9-16, 1 p.m. EDT – “The CTA…Credentials that Matter in the World of Travel” with Patty Noonan; free for everyone
  • 9-22, 2 p.m. EDT – “Tap Into the Well-Being Travel Market” with Anne Dimon; free for everyone
  • 9-23, 1 p.m. EDT – “The CTIE … Advance Your Leadership Skills” with Patty Noonan; free for everyone

Webinars range in length from approximately 30 minutes to one hour. Advanced registration is required and can be completed at: