Travel Insured Adds Flair, Humor to Marketing

Travel Insured International has created a new online slide presentation designed to answer, in 21 ways, the most frequently-asked travel question of 2010: "Do I need travel insurance?" The presentation, called "21 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance," provides a light-hearted, yet serious trip through everyday travel risk situations often overlooked during vacation planning. The new tools will be useful to agents and to clients as a reminder of the importance and rewards of travel insurance sales.

Travelers or travel sellers who take the three minutes to view Travel Insured’s 21 Reasons slideshow will meet such colorful characters as the China Foodie, Gigi the French poodle, the Runaway Girlfriend, the Pretzel Passenger, Parachute Birthday Boy, Sneaky Uncle Ernie, the Tiki Bar Guy and the Karaoke Limbo Champion.

Each numbered slide is a brief photo essay containing a picture, a short description of the situation, and coverage that can prevent a loss from the illustrated travel risk. Each slide contains a listing and link to specific Worldwide Trip Protector plans in which the specified coverage is either included or available as an option.

Each pictured risk situation is designed to illustrate the value of travel insurance. Travelers can react by answering questions they might ask themselves as they view the presentation:

*    “Is there value in receiving reimbursement of prepaid trip costs and unplanned expenses thanks to buying travel insurance before suffering an expensive, unforeseen trip disruption?”

*    “Is there value in thinking the worst will never happen and risking uninsured disruptions that often cause a loss of prepaid trip costs or unplanned expenses?”

The “21 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance” presentation has more than a dozen slides showing most coverage types included in one or more plans within the Worldwide Trip Protector line. These include Trip Cancellation (twice), Trip Interruption, Medical Evacuation, Baggage Delay, Trip Delay, Change of Itinerary, Pet Care Coverage; Job Loss Protection, Missed Connection, Supplier Bankruptcy Coverage, Leave Revocation Coverage, and School Day Extension Coverage.

Additional slides within the 21 Reasons cover the three options of Cancel for Any Reason, Cancel for Work Reasons, Sports Coverage, with links to each plan where the options are available. Two more slides cover Renter’s Collision Insurance and Political Evacuation, which may be included or optional depending upon the selected type of insurance plan.

Not to be overlooked are slides discussing why a traveler needs Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance and ID Theft Recovery Assistance. There is a final 22nd slide summarizing the reasons including call to action titled “One Smart Choice.”

Travel Insured is reminding travelers and sellers that 21 reasons are not needed to prove the value of travel insurance. It only takes one uninsured travel risk, arriving without expectation, to destroy a dream trip or, worse, incur uncovered emergency medical costs. Travel Insurance rewards the traveler who recognizes its value with the right financial coverage to travel again when the time is right. To view the presentation, visit