Travel Leaders: 88.4 Percent Satisfied or Neutral With Airport Security

Travel Leaders Group CEO Barry Liben
Travel Leaders Group CEO Barry Liben

According to a recent survey by Travel Leaders Group, 88.4 percent of Americans are satisfied or neutral with the state of airport security, up from 87.5 percent last year. 

Additionally, according to survey participants, a growing number of travelers are using TSA PreCheck and more are indicating that the program has reduced wait times at airport screening. The survey was conducted by Travel Leaders Group from April 3 to April 30, and includes responses from 3,371 consumers throughout the United States.

“We are entering the peak summer travel season and many people will be flying to their summer vacation destinations. Americans have grown accustomed to enhanced airport security procedures that allow for a more stress-free experience for many travelers,” said Barry Liben, CEO of Travel Leaders Group. “While a recent watchdog report highlights lapses in airport security screening tests, it’s important to note that mistakes are being addressed at the highest levels and steps are being taken to continue to ensure the safety of all travelers passing through our nation’s airports.”

“In our survey, we also asked Americans whether terrorist attacks in popular international destinations would deter them from traveling.  Resoundingly, 78.3 percent of those polled indicated they won’t let extremists keep them from experiencing what the world has to offer, while just 19.3 percent prefer to travel domestically,” Liben continued. “On a daily basis, as advocates for our clients, Travel Leaders Group’s travel agents constantly provide the latest information and facts – including from the State Department – so our clients can make informed decisions about their travel plans.”

The latest findings released from Travel Leaders Group’s “2015 Consumer Travel Survey” include:

Airport Security Satisfaction: When asked, “What is your level of satisfaction with airport security today?” 88.4 percent indicated they are satisfied with or neutral about today’s security measures – up from 87.5% last year. The percentage of travelers expressing dissatisfaction with TSA continues to decline and is at its lowest level since Travel Leaders Group first began asking this question in 2010.


TSA PreCheck: When asked, “Has the TSA PreCheck program at U.S. airports made a significant difference in wait times for security screening?” the percentage of those polled answering favorably increased overall by 15.3 percent, even though a plurality were unsure.


Terrorism and Travel Decision: When asked, “Because of recent terrorist acts taking place in popular international destinations, are you less likely to plan an overseas trip? A significant percentage of Americans polled (78.3%) indicated they would continue to travel internationally.


Additional Statistics and Findings:

State Department Travel Advisories: Travel Leaders Group also wanted to gauge how much impact U.S. State Department travel advisories have on Americans’ leisure travel decisions. Of those polled, 29.9 percent indicated “very little to no impact,” while 45.9 percent stated “some impact.”

Overall Airport Security Wait Times: When asked, “With regard to how long it takes to get through airport security, are you…” 44.5 percent of consumers polled “Wish it was somewhat quicker,” 44.4 percent are “OK with the amount of time it takes,” and only 11.1 percent state they are “Frustrated by the amount of time it takes” to get through airport security, which is down from 14.1 percent in 2014.

Expedited Screening: It should also be noted that when asked, “Have you experienced ‘expedited’ screening at an airport in the last 12 months?” 53.1 percent stated “Yes” and 46.9 percent said “No.” In 2014, 60 percent of those polled said “No.”

Eliminate One TSA Security Measure: With regard to TSA security screening at the airport, when asked, “Which of the following TSA security measures would you most like to eliminate?” the top responses were: “removing of shoes” (31.5%), “none, do not eliminate any security measures” (23.1%) and “limiting liquids in carry-on baggage” (19.2%). Shoe removal was also the top response in 2014 (31.7%) and 2013 (27.9%). (Those airline passengers who qualify for TSA PreCheck do not need to remove shoes, computers or 1-quart bag carrying liquids.)