Travel Leaders Corporate President David Holyoke to Be GBTA Convention Panelist

business travelerTravel Leaders Corporate President David Holyoke has been announced as a panelist at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention.

The panel, titled "The Role of TMCs in the Changing Nature of Travel Management," will take place Monday, July 28, from 10:30 am - 11:30 am. The presentation is geared toward those interested in learning how different types of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) will define their future in the ever-changing environment of managed travel.

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“Given Travel Leaders Corporate’s growing influence among TMCs, I’m particularly honored to have been asked to provide our perspectives on ‘The Role of TMCs in the Changing Nature of Travel Management.’ I will take this extraordinary opportunity to offer a fresh perspective from our unique vantage point in hopes that attendees will gain a better understanding for how TMCs can manage travel more proactively and innovatively,” said Holyoke. “At our core, we believe that taking such steps can contribute significantly to corporate clients’ overall profitability and drive the greatest combined ROI.”

The presentation will explore how a TMC’s culture, scale, and scope of services can impact the decisions a company makes. Attendees will also gain a better understanding of how to work more effectively with a TMC in order to develop and support the needs of their mutual clients.
Joining Holyoke for the panel presentation include moderator, Chris Nicholas of Travel Management Advisors, Kjarsten Philipsen of Egencia, Patricia Stout of Alamo Travel Group and Sam Keene of Covington Travel. Representing global, national, regional, and certified small business TMCs, panelists will answer questions such as:

  • Besides total cost of services, what can clients expect from their TMC?
  • What do TMCs need to improve upon?
  • How is travel management going to change within the next 5-10 years, and what are TMCs doing now so that their companies can thrive in the new environment?

“As the annual GBTA Convention is the premiere industry event for business travel, Travel Leaders Corporate is pleased to support and participate,” Holyoke said. “Having an opportunity to meet face-to-face with clients and potential clients remains an important aspect of the convention, but equally important are the educational opportunities offered.”