Travel Leaders Corporate Signs With eCommission Solutions:

Travel Leaders Corporate, one of the world’s largest travel management companies with more than $2 billion in annual travel spending, has signed eCommission Solutions as its companywide commission consolidation and revenue recovery program provider.  Commission recovery at eCommission Solutions’ 150 other clients in nearly 1,000 offices, drives an average increase of 23 percent in incremental revenue with some offices realizing gains as high as 46 percent.

“The eCommission product quickly pays for itself with the added commission revenues it finds, reconciles and recovers,” said David Holyoke, president of Travel Leaders Corporate.  “eCommission Solutions has not only increased the hotel revenue stream for our clients but has dramatically improved the accuracy of the hotel data as well, which is critical for future vendor and client negotiations.” 

The booking and commission data reconciliation service that eCommission Solutions provides dramatically improves data integrity on which management reports are based. The found bookings not only support a stronger negotiation position for agencies and their clients, they more accurately portray how accounts are performing against contract thresholds, revenue goals and profitability targets. 

“We’ve been working on the technology and processes for more than five years now and we are able to create or improve on any internal processes clients may have in place,” said Paul Hoffmann, president and CEO of eCommission Solutions.  “Even those agencies that are on using Net rates are finding new revenue because commissionable rate exceptions such as sales rates are still being booked. Clients are continually looking for ways to reduce or even contain costs while at the same time trying to identify additional revenue streams. ECS provides the resources to achieve both of those objectives with our program.”

“We are exploiting the power of technology to drive internal operational excellence and improve on client results,” added Holyoke. “We know that having eCommission Solutions as part of our team delivers bottom line results.”