Travel Leaders Inaugurates Academy to Train New Agents

diplomaIn a timely and welcomed initiative, Travel Leaders Franchise Group reports the launch of Travel Leaders Academy, a branded franchise offering that will enable qualified franchisees to provide classroom training to individuals interested in pursuing a career in the travel industry.

Travel Leaders Academy says it has already signed its first franchisee and expects to sign several more franchisees soon. 

Travel Leaders Academy and Travel Leaders of Tomorrow – which provides virtual travel training to prospective travel agents – are similar in that they both are designed to attract new travel agents into the industry and provide possible career placement, the group says. The Travel Leaders Academy differs in that it’s intended for individuals who prefer a live classroom with an individualized instruction setting in which to learn.

“Our Travel Leaders agencies have never been busier. Yet as a growing number of travel agents near retirement age, we’re seeing some of those agencies left short-staffed. That’s where Travel Leaders Academy comes in. Our schools will be locally-owned and operated by Travel Leaders travel agency owners nationally who need and are actively looking for new well-trained talent. Travel Leaders Academy provides them – and other agencies in the community – with a local solution to find and train new talent,” explained Roger E. Block, president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. 

“Each Travel Leaders Academy will be equipped to provide the exceptional, hands-on training necessary to prepare the travel agents of the future. We’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum that will be taught by experienced travel professionals, and our prescribed small student-to-teacher ratio will allow ample one-on-one attention for a superior learning environment," Block said.

Each Travel Leaders Academy will offer students a condensed seven-week, 220-hour study program designed to provide them with the skills they need to begin their careers in the travel industry, Travel Leaders says. The curriculum will deliver the knowledge, resources and tools it takes to be a success in the field of travel. Each student will be equipped with a computer for practical “real-life” hands-on learning for making reservations for air, car, hotel, tours, cruises and more.  In addition, each school is connected to a network of hundreds of other Travel Leaders travel agencies, along with all of the leading travel suppliers they sell, to assist students in landing their first industry jobs.

In a brochure detailing the extensive training offered through the Travel Leaders Academies, Block issues an invitation to applicants:

“Want to see the world? If travel is your passion, then there is no better way to see the world than through a career in the travel industry. With a serious shortage of travel agent professionals, there’s probably no better way or time to enter this exciting industry where we put that passion into practice, making dreams of a lifetime a reality.”

“We’re proudly telling prospective students that if they’re looking for a new career or career change, the travel industry could provide the right fit for them. Whether they want to be a travel agent in an office or working from home, a tour guide, a cruise reservationist, in hospitality sales, or dozens of other exciting positions, our condensed seven-week study program will provide them with the skills they need,” Block added. “But we’re also working with qualified Travel Leaders agency owners who wish to operate a Travel Leaders Academy to ensure they possess the capabilities needed to ensure their students’ success. This is the ultimate win-win in rebuilding our industry.”

According to Block, Travel Leaders Franchise Group has developed the curriculum and will continue to update it, as well as train all instructors. Travel Leaders Franchise Group will also assist each owner with state licensing of their private vocational school. In addition to being provided a complete operational manual developed by Travel Leaders Franchise Group, each franchisee will be supplied with a catalog and tri-fold brochures designed to attract new students.