Travel Leaders Redesigns POSTCARDS Magazine

Travel Leaders has announced a major redesign of its POSTCARDS magazine. 

Travel Leaders clientele throughout the U.S. will receive the newly redone magazine starting in mid-January. The upgrade includes a modernized cover and layout and new editorial features, such as “Culinary Quest,” “Now Trending,” “Pack Your Bags,” “Top Five,” and “Trending Destination.” The new magazine will also have nearly 50 percent more pages.

Additional customization options have been added for member agencies including: a customized ribbon on the front cover including the Travel Leaders agency name, a personalized letter, signature and agency contact information; multiple areas on the inside front and back cover for customized offers or specially-tailored copy; and a customized agency contact panel on the back cover including the agency’s “call to action.”

"We have also taken steps to publish an advanced e-book version, which optimizes a client’s ability to read the publication on their computer, laptop, tablet and/or mobile device. We are making the electronic version available to all Travel Leaders clients, while the printed version of POSTCARDS will be mailed to the top echelon of our agencies’ clientele,” said Brian Hegarty, VP of marketing for Travel Leaders. “Additionally, POSTCARDS has been incorporated into our InteGreat Campaigns order management tool.  This provides our Travel Leaders member agencies with a powerful tool to manage their client lists for all online, email, and print campaigns as well as Ultratravel and POSTCARDS magazines.”