Travel Leaders Reports 124 Percent Increase in Agent Profiler Leads

travel agent
Photo by Chavez

Travel Leaders has announced that its Agent Profiler has generated more than 52,000 travel leads in 2015. Agencies are closing more than a quarter of all Agent Profiler leads with average sales per lead of approximately $5,000, according to data gathered from ClientBase. In addition to Agent Profiler, Travel Leaders has seen a significant growth in sales for its Associates using a variety of its programs and tools such as TMC Profiler, the Luxury Travel Center of Excellence, the Active & Adventure Specialist training and Travel Leaders Business Travel Center of Excellence.

Travel Leaders’ lead-generation program – initially launched in 2010 – ultimately evolved into Agent Profiler, which uses geo-location technology to match the most appropriate Travel Leaders travel agent with each individual traveler based on their own unique criteria and needs. In the past year, after Agent Profiler 2.0 enhancements were implemented, agent participation has increased by more than 10 percent, adding approximately 500 additional pages of unique travel-related content to

Additionally, Travel Leaders' Business Travel Center of Excellence assisted its Business Travel Plus members in increasing their collective business travel sales 330 percent year over year. Travel Leaders also launched a new, mobile-friendly, business travel website,, in the fourth quarter of 2015, as a lead-generation tool. The website’s features allow Travel Leaders TMCs to highlight their value proposition to corporate travel buyers, while also promoting relevancy and brand awareness in the business travel marketplace.