Travel Leaders Reports Decreasing Car Rental Rates

Data from a sample of nearly 1.5 million business travel bookings by Travel Leaders Corporate reveals its clients spent approximately 2.8 percent less on the average cost of a car rental and roughly 4.6 percent less on the average cost per day of a rental in the first quarter of 2012 as compared to the first quarter of 2011.

“The downward trend is somewhat surprising, considering the recent consolidation among some car rental companies. At the same time, our data reinforces the fact that we’ve seen car rental rates continue to decrease over the last several years,” said Travel Leaders Corporate President David Holyoke.

“We’re seeing car rental companies continue to meet consumer demand by adjusting their base rates to make business travel more affordable for our clients. What’s more, our data shows that rates continue to decrease across the board, regardless of what car rental company our clients choose,” Holyoke says.
The average cost per rental in Q1 2011 was $134.11 and $130.37 in Q1 2012. Average cost per day was $42.89 in Q1 2011 and $40.92
in Q1 2012. Average Cost per day by company ranged from $34.29 in Q1 2012 to $42.72.

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