Travel Leaders Revamps Consumer Website

Travel Leaders has unveiled its completely revamped consumer website website to increase its relevancy with search engines. It will allow consumers to connect with Travel Leaders’ growing roster of certified specialists and assist agents to build qualified sales leads.

The revamped website will also facilitate more consumer travel leads being sent directly to Travel Leaders agencies and drive more sales for the organization’s top supplier partners, Travel Leaders said. These core functions of the site go hand-in-hand with Travel Leaders’ SCORE Program, which is specifically designed for members to score new, qualified consumer leads so they may, in turn, score new revenue and profits.

“Studies have shown that 80 percent of travelers start their research online. For us, the Internet is the most targeted, cost-efficient way to drive new qualified leads to our travel agent experts,” stated Roger E. Block, President of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. “Over the past several years, we’ve seen travel buying behaviors shift as more consumers are migrating back to booking via travel agents versus online, particularly for trips that are more complex. However, research also indicates that many consumers are challenged in finding exceptional travel agents online. This new site will allow us to demonstrate that we are true ‘Travel Leaders’ in every sense.”

Travel Leaders said that one of the main goals of is to connect consumers to a Travel Leaders travel agent specialist through the least amount of clicks. On every major section of the website – whether on the home page, “Travel Specials,” “Leisure Travel,” “Business Travel” or “About Us” – a permanent “Find a Travel Agent” button, containing an icon with the outline of an agent, is prominent in the top right corner. Wherever that icon appears throughout the site, the button will take consumers directly to an area allowing them to find the Travel Leaders agencies and in their surrounding area.

In addition, Travel Leaders said the success of the Travel Leaders SCORE Program in ramping up the number of true specialists – those who have completed required training to ensure they have the confidence to receive qualified leads and close each sale – has led to the creation of specific sections within the site where consumers can, with one click, reach an Aussie Specialist, a Mexico Specialist or a Disney Specialist, for example.

The new easily guides consumers to exceptional travel specials. With one click, a snapshot of unique opportunities for cruise, tour, resort and hotel, car and rail is available. Consumers are then able to view more details or contact a Travel Leaders travel agent to discuss the offer(s) available. From an industry standpoint, this new design allows Travel Leaders to target individual supplier partners and drive more sales specifically to that supply chain. “Throughout our redesigned site, our increased ability to move market share to a specific supplier or product has now become a key differentiator for Travel Leaders,” noted Block.

“Today’s travel consumers value knowledge and expertise above all else. As part of our SCORE Program initiative, Travel Leaders headquarters generates qualified leads and funnels them to the agencies with specialists participating in the program,” Block explained. “ is an active component in funneling those leads.”

The site guides each user down a specific and logical path, using specially placed videos along the way to tell the Travel Leaders story and leading consumers through until they submit their Vacation Request Form. Any time a consumer sees a “thumbs up” icon, they will then be able to enter specific information and details about the vacation they are seeking to provide background that assists the specialist who will ultimately receive the lead. The details will be captured and directed to a Travel Leaders agency and specialist participating in the SCORE Program who has met all the extensive training required for that destination or supplier. now allows consumers to share information and travel specials with friends and family through email, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Digg, StumbleUpon and many other devices. Also, Travel Leaders has taken the additional steps to ensure news media and consumers, alike, can be alerted to the latest news, surveys and information from the organization. An RSS feed has been incorporated into the site.



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