Travel Leaders Warns of Sequestration Impact

washington dcBarry Liben, CEO of Travel Leaders Group, warned of the potential impact on travel from the possible sequestration that could occur on March 1. The threatened sequestration could impose flight delays and other problems impacting the travel industry. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has warned of staff furloughs and facility shut-downs if the sequestration is allowed to happen.

"On behalf of our more than 40,000 Travel Leaders Group travel professionals and the millions of corporate and leisure clients we proudly serve, we are calling on the United States Congress and President Barack Obama to take immediate action to resolve the deadlock over the sequestration issues before the March 1 deadline," Liben said.

"Travel remains an integral and vital economic engine. Businesses can’t function without it, and millions of travelers depend on it daily for their livelihoods. If our nation’s air traffic controllers, TSA airport screeners and CBP customs agents are furloughed – which in turn may require airlines to cancel or delay flights and potentially create long delays at security and customs – our travel industry will suffer, " Liben said.

"To avert serious and potentially long-lasting damage, not only to the traveling public, but to the American economy, we ask our leaders in Washington to act now," Liben said.