Travel Leaders Wins $22 Million in New Business

Training pays off! Year to date, Travel Leaders members using the one-on-one techniques learned through Travel Leaders Envision Plus program have won over $22 million in new business, Travel Leaders reports. In 2010, 16 Travel Leaders members and their staffs are participating in the customized training.

“Travel Leaders’ exclusive Envision Plus curriculum and training programs are built around our members’ individual needs,” noted Roger E. Block, president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. “After each member’s needs and personal goals are assessed, our Envision Plus team develops a tailored plan directly with each participating member and delivers ongoing training to achieve sales and retention. We help our members build a compelling value proposition to current clients and prospects alike.”

Block said that Envision Plus on-site training, which includes one-on-one sales training and coaching, as well as shadowing for cold calls, encompasses all aspects of business travel management, including:

*    Account Acquisition – Prospecting, lead generation, pricing, RFP responses and sales presentations.
*    Account Management – Client implementation, client business plans, client travel policies, client savings projections, quarterly and annual reviews, supplier proposals and RFPs, Client SLAs and KPIs and traveler and travel arranger surveys.
*    Marketing Resources – Prospecting and sales, communication and business travel newsletters.
*    Products and Services – emergency service centers, hotel programs, business travel insurance, airport parking and more.
*    Technology – Traveler portals, online booking products, agent desktop tools, mid-office and quality control tools, back office, reporting and analysis.

Due to the customization and in-depth training involved, Travel Leaders’ Envision Plus training program has been implemented in phases with the first reaching maximum participation within its first 90 days. The second phase, begun in early June, has a waiting list.


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