Travel Planners International, Tripology Linkup

In an effort to bring value to its independent contractors and create incremental business, Travel Planners International is working with Tripology on a new program called Travel Industry Supporter Program.  

This program aims to gain exposure to high-intent clients in a cost-effective manner. Independent contractors can purchase Tripology leads through the typical buying process, book the traveler with one of the suppliers participating in the program and then submit the lead to the supplier for reimbursement for the cost of the lead.

“I think this program is a win-win situation for our agents, suppliers, TPI and Tripology,” said Ken Gagliano, president of Travel Planners International. “I would like to encourage all of our preferred suppliers to participate in this program.”

Travel Planners International is also offering free leads to their agents for registering with Tripolgy. Any agent that registers before December 31 will receive $25 in free lead credits. To register for this program, visit

Travel Planners International is a host agency servicing independent contractors and travel agencies.