Travel Scam Detector Launches Android Version

Scam Detector Inc, developer of the app Scam Detector - including extensive travel scams - has announced the launch of the Android version of its app.

Scam Detector app is a free mobile and web-based application that exposes in detail over 550 of the world's most notorious scams, in all industries - including travel. The app currently lists one hundred and eighteen travel scams.

The app educates consumers around the globe how these scams work and teaches them how to prevent financial fraud. Scam Detector reports it has been accessed to date in 104 countries and recently won the 2011 Consumer Champion Awards, hosted annually by the Government of Alberta, Canada.

"Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world requested an Android version. We are now happy to provide that starting July 11, in the Google Play Store, the former Android Market", says Sorin Mihailovici, vice president of business development for Scam Detector Inc.

Every scam exposed in the app can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail, while users can submit their own scams. The web site includes the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) weekly list of top ten scams.

Scam Detector can also be found as an iPhone app in the AppStore, as well as a web-based app online at:


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