Travel Tix Launches Air Ticket Service

Travel Tix reports the launch of a new version of their air ticket fulfillment service that has been helping travel agents earn higher commissions on international air sales since its launch over two years ago. Called EasyTix, the new reservations system powered by eGlobalfares was specifically designed to help agents who have either little or no GDS training make more money on air sales. The new system was created exclusively for travel agents who are part of TRAVELSAVERS and NEST.

The simplified point-and-click system makes it easy for non-GDS trained agents to search, book and monitor air reservations. A one-stop shop for air, EasyTix provides content for GDS fares and other consolidator fares, Travel tix reports.

EasyTix also automatically monitors and proactively sends email notifications to the booking agents to alert them to schedule changes and airline remarks sent through the GDS.

“Travel agents no longer have to be fearful about having to learn a GDS or a new GDS because using our new EasyTix version is as easy as booking on any OTA,” said Jim Mazza, COO of TRAVELSAVERS and Travel Tix. “We worked closely with eGlobalfares to customize our air res technology, which searches and makes reservations in our GDS. The flexibility, configurability, customization and ease of use makes this product the best on the market for agents who would rather not have to learn GDS formats but still want to make good money on service fees and air bookings available through TRAVELSAVERS or NEST.”



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