Shames Bad Behavior With "Please Stay at Home" Awards reports the launch of its unique “Please Stay at Home Awards.” This novel, hall-of-shame-style award shines a spotlight on the baffling bad behavior of some travelers and the repercussions of their actions on fellow travelers.

The travel site reports it will bestow the Please Stay at Home Award on individuals whose actions while traveling are grossly unacceptable by the site’s editors. These dis-honoring prizes for the most appalling behavior while traveling are announced via the company’s Facebook fan page at in the hopes that the negative press will deter would-be badly behaved travelers from imposing their antics on other travelers.

The Please Stay at Home Award was created by Travelhoppers in response to the recent rash of unfortunate travel incidents that seem to have taken over the headlines, from the individual who urinated in the aisle of an airliner and the couple whose romantic visit to the bathroom resulted in an F-16 escort, to the father who threw his son off of a ferry boat and the man who was trying to smuggle snakes and tortoises in his pants. In each instance, other travelers are at best inconvenienced and at worst endangered, Travelhoppers says.

“On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people who save up for their vacations and eagerly await their all too rare opportunities to travel, we are thrilled to present this hall of shame type of award that kindly asks these bad behaving travelers…Would you mind terribly just staying at home,” said Richard Earls, founder of Travelhoppers.

“As the owner of a travel website, my aim is to promote travel as a way of learning about new cultures and expanding one’s consciousness,” said Earls. “We hope that our Please Stay at Home Awards will encourage culprits to take the repercussions of their actions into account and realize that their bad behavior not only infringes on others, but can also put the public safety at risk – and essentially inspire them to start behaving like responsible citizens of the world, or in the alternative, just stay home.”

Travelers who see or personally experience a potential candidate for Travelhoppers’ Please Stay at Home Awards are invited to send their story via email to [email protected] as a nomination for this dishonor.

So travelers beware…if you are thinking of doing something that you’d be ashamed to be recognized for – don’t do it…or you may find yourself the next recipient of Travelhoppers Please Stay at Home Award.


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