Travelport Expands Lawsuit Against American Airlines

It isn’t over yet!

In a filing yesterday, Travelport expanded its lawsuit against American Airlines in an Illinois court by adding claims for breach of contract and an injunction.

Travelport’s lawsuit alleges that American violated Travelport’s contractual full content rights by failing to provide Travelport with a fare discount that American gave to another distribution channel (Kayak).

In the expanded filing, Travelport seeks to recover its lost booking fee revenues in addition to other damages that AA allegedly caused to Travelport’s business.

Travelport also seeks a mandatory injunction that would require American to comply with its contractual obligations by providing Travelport with any similar future discount offerings.

These and Travelport’s existing claims relating to American’s other alleged breaches of its Travelport contract are pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

The move is seen as effort by Travelport to preserve and protect its subscribers access to its full content agreements. The Kayak sale is viewed by Travelport as yet another action by AA that deprives Travelport subscribers of the full content to which they are entitled.