Travelport Launches Service Fee Tool

eNett International, a joint venture with Travelport, plans to launch its feeNett application in the U.S. feeNett is a fully integrated payment solution that allows travel agencies to process service fees, enabled by seamless integration with desktop and back-office processes and systems. Previously only available in Australia, the new and improved versions of feeNett, as deployed in the U.S. market, offers seamless integration with the Apollo and Worldspan platforms. It will be available early in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The feeNett system delivers streamlined processing of payments by eliminating multiple entry of data and boasts faster settlement of fees, competitive merchant rates, enhanced transaction data on card statements and comprehensive web-based reporting on all transactions in real-time. It allows travel agencies to fully document and detail the entire transaction, allowing enhanced data to correctly reflect the service fee in reports or on travelers’ card statements.


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